Instructional Design Team

Gabrielle Martin and David Martino

We are so excited to be joining the JVLA team. This is an organization filled with caring and compassionate teachers and staff and we look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the already great work being done by this group. We are both passionate educators and hope to share that passion with the various JVLA stakeholders.


I’ve been a classroom teacher for nearly 17 years, 13 of which have been spent at St. Bonaventure’s College where I teach high school math and science. Though math is my first love, academically speaking, most of my interest and research in recent years has been on media and the social justice implications of pop culture. I am also a member of the Canadian Forces and have worked with their Centre for Distributed Learning which facilitates online officer training. While the CF really make the most of the efficiency and convenience offered by online learning, I’m very excited to work in the more creative and caring environment offered by JVLA.


I have been working as an educator at St. Bonaventure’s College in St. John’s for 14 years. I am currently the Assistant Principal of Academics, and a teacher of Senior English. My educational background and interests as a learner and teacher focus on the intersections between Ignatian Pedagogy, curriculum, and critical theory. In the last few years I have also been exploring the relationship between Ignatian Spirituality and Restorative Practices, particularly in terms of how both might intentionally shape classroom experiences and curriculum design within an Ignatian context, whether that be real or virtual.