Beyond the Canon: Diversity in Literature and Interdisciplinary Curriculum

September 24 – October 19

This course provides teachers with the resources to broaden their curriculum so that it reflects the diversity of their students. Pooling their experience and expertise, teachers learn together about how to devise curriculum that is inclusive of the voices of marginalized authors, playwrights, and poets. While of special interest to teachers of English Literature, this course also offers an opportunity for teachers in other disciplines to learn how they may incorporate the work of artists from diverse backgrounds into an interdisciplinary curriculum. The course culminates with the creation of a completed lesson that encourages student engagement with artists from both diverse backgrounds and the standard canon.

$225/participant for member schools
$310/participant for non-member schools

At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have the option of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The cost of CEUs is $25.

Register and have your school invoiced, or pay directly.