A JVLA appeal regarding our partner, Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola in San Juan

Dear friends,

You have a great opportunity to help people who need it.Nine years ago, a small team of us started the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy as a way of providing needed coursework and programming to member Jesuit and Catholic schools.  As with all start-ups, the trials have been many. Fortunately, in our case the blessings have been abundant as well. One of our greatest blessing has been our partnership with Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola, a Jesuit school of 650 students in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

San Ignacio was one of JVLA’s earliest member schools, investing at the time in an organization short on program and long on promise.  JVLA has grown, and as we’ve grown, so has our connectedness with San Ignacio where JVLA is an integral part of their program.  This year over 130 students are enrolled in one or more JVLA course.

Hurricane Maria has provided a destructive blow to Puerto Rico, compromising all aspects of the island’s infrastructure. Clearly humanitarian relief is needed to provide for basic needs and comfort. At the same time, the emotional and psychological toll will likely linger for a very long time. This brings me back to San Ignacio and its sister school Academia Maria Reina.

In turbulent times schools provide hope. Schools often serve as hubs for community outreach.  And when students return to school it is a sign of progress and normalcy. JVLA has assured the leadership, students, and parents of San Ignacio and Maria Reina that we will work individually with all affected students to ensure that they will be able to satisfy their JVLA course requirements. My worry is the financial obligation associated with those courses which totals $24,610.  I’m asking for your financial help to relieve these schools and their families from a portion (or all) of this financial responsibility. You can make an online gift of any size here, or feel free to contact me at jhausman@jvla.org or (402)650-8122 to discuss other options/arrangements.

I owe San Ignacio a great deal for standing by JVLA through the lean early years. This blow has touched people I consider friends and co-workers. It has affected me in a very personal manner. Thanks for helping if you can.

Best regards,

Jeffrey L. Hausman
Executive Director & Founder

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